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Rocks, Waves & Clouds: New Scroll Paintings of Matthew Bailey Seigel
Similar to traditional Asian scrolls, these paintings capture the impermanence of an idea or location. My new paintings were inspired by the natural beauty of a low tide walk along Maine's rocky coast.

Overwhelmed with the colors, forms and relationships of rocks, the sea and sky, I immediately set up an impromptu studio on my father's farmhouse porch. The results are these modern, vibrant scrolls.

Reinventions of Japanese kakejiku (hung scrolls) in modern materials: acrylic on synthetic, water resistant material with the appearance of rice paper.

I've painted them in two sizes: 5 x 2 feet and 2 x 1 feet. They are framed, that is, hung with two anodized aluminum rods, on the top and bottom edges. Like traditional scrolls, they are light and rollable, for easy shipping, storage and hanging.

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